Hello! Wilsuns RC is proud to announce our 2nd foray into the cyber age! Wilsuns RC Chat! Come chat about all things Wilsuns RC at #wilsunsrc on irc.freenode.net
In other news... for the maggots out there, SHEER MAG is rumoured to be in the studio this month harpin' away on a fresh batch of sweet bippies. They also have some tour dates coming up in April with fellow Wilsuns RC act THE SMARTHEARTS. Too shabby!

The sparrow does not land where the tiger roams and the rumours never die with our friends D'S LICKS -  For ages I've been trying to coax an interview with Spider (vocals), who I've been told has returned to living in sunny Syracuse NY, about the band's status. By way of reply to my many emails he has told me simply to "relax" or "accept reality" and often left me puzzled with some cryptic proverb. Nevertheless, if you all can keep your fingers crossed I believe we will see this highly anticipated event come to fruition in the months to come.

THE GUESTS Gossip: Whispers of a tumultuous line-up shake-down? A melodious purge? More news as it comes in...

The 'seediest band in Philly' (according to Metal Hammer magazine) GRAVE TURNER is somehow taking time out of their seedy schedules to write new material. I'm told we can expect an inaugural LP sometime in early 2020...

That's all for now
Stop the Iditarod and fuck The National,

Greetings parakeets and parrotheads... Finally some good news. THE SMARTHEARTS debut LP "ON THE LINE" will be ready and shipping in a few days! Big things in the works here at Wilsuns RC... Rumors of an as-yet-unheard song or two from unknown-town heroes D's Licks, perhaps ready for humyn consumption someday soon... SHEER MAG? That new shirt is going fast... THE GUESTS? I... hear the sound of footsteps... GRAVE TURNER?? you tell me.

Well... That's enough news for now, you're welcome. Do stay tuned and keep refreshing this tab.